Mountains and Rivers
Branding Design
Travel / Landscape / Chinese wind / movable type printing

My inspiration came from a trip to Tibet. Some different kinds of food and exotic culture attracted me. I combined them with Movable-type printing and ink painting two Chinese elements. Mainly, the brand focus on travelling plans, including food, route, cultural products.

I search the works of WU Guangzhong and LIN Fengmian which are combination of Chinese and western cultures. Most of WU’s works are beautiful scenery of different areas, which is in line with the topic “traveling”. Therefore, I take the colors in the works for reference and use them as the colors for the brand. Vitality and dynamics could be experienced from the bright colors and jumping dots in WU’s works.
I make some researches into the typography, a typical Chinese style element with an advantage of flexibility. I also find that different radicals could be used to form a Chinese character, thus I decide to design fonts with the concept of flexible stitching.

THANKS: Pentagon Studio, David's assistance.